Oscar Niemeyer

Casas das Canoas

Author: Yoshio Futagawa

Language: english/Japanese


Format: 37 X 26 cm

68 Pages

Price: 38,00

Oscar Niemeyer

This edition highlights two houses by Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian modernist architect. Known as Casa das Canoas and Casa Cavanelas, both residences are located in Rio de Janeiro and both were built in the early 1950s. Yet, according to the essay by Yoshio Futagawa, the contrast between them is quite intriguing. The former, Niemeyers own residence, demonstrates the spatial truth in privacy that the architect explored; the latter startles the viewer with spectacular features orchestrated through Niemeyers collaboration with landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx. Futagawas exceptional photography completes the tribute to this pair of masterful designs.