The Metalworker

Author: Beverly H. Twitchell

Language: English


Format: 24 X 30 cm

280 Pages

Price: 75,00


A celebration of the rich and diverse work of Italian-born American artist, designer, and master of metal, Harry Bertoia. Bertoia : The Metalworker chronicles his expansive career : the move to Detroit from Italy at age 15 and his formative years at Cranbrook ; his work in California with Charles Eames and Inter in Pennsylvania designing furniture for Knoll ; es well as his artistry in creating the iconic and beloved sonemblent sculptures. Author and art historian Beverly H. Twitchell places Bertoids art securely et the heart of American Modernism end illustrates how his diverse practice is thematically united as poetic reflections of nature. From spirituel chapel altarpieces and golden trees, to wire chairs, ethereal monotypes, and delicate brooches, this book celebrates the creative genius of the Modernist master, Harry Bertoia.