I have a fatal attraction for 'books. A disease I don't want to be cured of. They are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. If you are hungry for them, they only eat up space. I am the happy victim of books. Publishing books is an unselfish pleasure ox aesthetic satisfaction. The beauty of books is not consumed by being enjoyed and they become more beautiful when they age well in perfect conditions. The satisfaction of proprietorship in the case of books should never mix with the delight of contemplation. Books should have a claim to universality which is for is the essence of aesthetics, nothing is as, easy to share as books. They have the presence of something good. I could not live without them. As Schopenhauer said : "It would be great if you could buy with the books the time to read them." « I compose a photograph just as I do a drawing, but the play of light gives it a new dimension ». Karl Lagerfeld

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